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    Is statistics a driving force in the industry you want to enter? Do you want to work as a Marketing Analyst, a Business Intelligence Analyst, a Data Analyst, or a Data Scientist?

    Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

    Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis is here for you!

    This is where you start. And it is the perfect beginning!

    In no time, you will acquire the fundamental skills that will enable you to understand complicated statistical analysis directly applicable to real-life situations.

    NOTE: This a variable price Udemy product (typically from 10 £/$/Euro)

    From 10 £/$/Euro
  • Discover the exciting world of statistical cheating and persuasive misdirection.

    Did you know that pirates caused global warming, and that a statistical lie gave rise to one of the fastest growing religions on the planet? Probably not – you might have missed the memo that day.

    Did you also know that organic food is the real cause of autism, and that Mexican lemons are a major cause of deaths on American roads? They’re true, honest – and this book has got the stats to prove it.

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