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Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

​The Hive is ​more than ​learning about statistics and machine learning - it's also about connecting with other members ​so that we can help each other reach our goals together.

With ​exclusive video courses, masterclasses, a member area and a private social network, there's something here for everyone.

My mission is to unleash your inner Data Ninja, so come ​and join us - let's make it a reality together!

​Video Courses

​Unique, exclusive ​and personalised - you request content and ​we create it!

​Members' Area

Video masterclasses, books and other exclusive stuff you can't get anywhere else

​Social Network

​Our ​private social network - connect, meet, ask questions and get answers

​In The Hive you can learn at your own pace from exclusive, interactive video courses and Masterclasses.

​You get ALL the information you need, in a language you can understand. Plus if you have questions, you can ​ask and get answers in our private social network.

But the main reason why The Hive is different is this: we don't just create video courses and hope that you'll like them.

We ask you what content you want, and then we create ​it!

Every ​piece of content in The Hive is unique. You won't find ​it anywhere else!

Who is ​The Hive for?

​The Hive is for you if you want:

​Exclusive Video Courses

​Learn from our exclusive video courses and masterclasses - and request personalised content!

​​Reach Your Career Goals

​Help yourself and others in our private members' area - turbo-charge your data ninja skills!

​Build Relationships

​Connect with others in our private social network. Build skills together - network - collaborate!

What You'll Learn

  • ​Application​
  • ​Telling Stories With Data
  • ​Good and Bad Practice
  • ​How to Understand ​Data
  • Analytical Methods
  • ​Correct Interpretation

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​On The Hive

​The Hive is something that I am very proud of.

​I sincerely hope that you find my courses and masterclasses to be very valuable in helping you ​take your ​data ninja skills to the next level so you can secure that next promotion!

I look forward to seeing you on ​the inside!

​Lee Baker

​Help each other to achieve bigger and better goals

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  • ​Comment
  • ​Ask and answer other peoples’ questions

Network, collaborate, make friends

  • ​Connect, make friends and find people with similar interests
  • ​Help each other
  • ​Collaborate and create something extraordinary
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