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​Here's How It Works



​Your data will be cleaned and classified automatically



​With a single ​click CorrelViz will find all the correlations in your data



​CorrelViz gives you a visualisation of all the correlations in your data - automatically!



​Selecting a node gives you ​the statistical details you need - no more, no less

Your Data Cleaned in Seconds

​Can Excel do this?
No chance - it'll take weeks with Excel!

All Your Correlations Discovered in Minutes

​You want to achieve this in SPSS?
Forget it - with SPSS you've got months of manual analysis in front of you!

Interactive Visualisation

​Can your favourite stats program even do this?
Probably not - but we've got you covered...

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

"​CorrelViz selects the correct correlation tests for your data automatically, so you know you will always get flawless results - first time and every time - even if you have no prior experience with statistics."



Chi-Squared Innovations

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All The Correlations in Your Data

In Minutes, Not Months

​Trusted by hundreds of users, businesses and universities around the globe
(in just the first 3 months since launch!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

​Would I get the same answers if I did my analyses in SPSS or Minitab?

​Does CorrelViz correct for confounding variables?

​What format do my data need to be in for CorrelViz?

​Do I have the latest and greatest version of CorrelViz?

​Do I own my content?

​Is my data secure?

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