Data Cleaning Taking Days or Weeks in Excel?

Your Time is Precious

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​DataKleenr Gets Your Data Analysis-Ready
In Minutes

Translates the Data You Have

​Into the Data You Need


Save time and money

DataKleenr is the only automated data cleaning program on the planet - saving you weeks of manual processing and bucket-loads of cash!


​Your data cleaned in minutes

​DataKleenr cleans and classifies your data - including outliers - as it is being uploaded. A few moments later, your data is analysis-ready!


​No fuss or repetition

​No more drity data, entry erorrs and speeling mistaikes. DataKleenr cleans your data quicker than loading your laundry into the washer...

No credit card required

​Your Data Cleaned Automatically

​Your data is cleaned as it is being uploaded, saving you time, effort and money

Check Your Results Quickly and Easily

​If the results meet your expectations, you're ready to download your data.
You're done - in seconds!

Interactive Visualisations

​Each variable is graphed, plotted and charted, helping you identify anomalies and clean your data in record time.
Data cleaning has never been so visual!

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

" In 7 years as a medical statistician, I worked on over 300 datasets, each of which took up to 2 weeks to prepare. I wish I'd had DataKleenr back then - I could have saved myself so much time, hassle and frustration."



Chi-Squared Innovations

Frequently Asked Questions

​How much time can DataKleenr save me?

​​So, can DataKleenr save me money?

​​But DataKleenr is just for statisticians, right?

​​So is DataKleenr easy to use?

Translates the Data You Have
Into the Data You Need

​Trusted by hundreds of users, businesses and universities around the globe
(in just the first 3 months since launch!).

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