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​We create intelligent automated applications, saving you time and money

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations



​Chi-Squared Innovations

​Imagine being able to save time and money without being overwhelmed by your data...
Well now you can. Let us be overwhelmed for you - we've got decades of experience in knowing just how to handle it!

Why come to us?

We help scientists and businesses - small and large - to solve their data problems every day. We provide bespoke solutions that will get you the results you need, but first you need to identify your problem. See if these ring any bells with you:

  • ​You are drowning in data
  • There is so much data that you have no idea what to do with it
  • You don’t have anybody in your company or department that has ALL the necessary skills to solve your problem
  • You can’t find any of these “Unicorn data scientists” anywhere, it seems they’re all working for Facebook and Google, but you still need to get your data analysed
  • You once paid lots of money to get something out of your data, but all you got were some pretty - but ultimately useless - graphics

If only you had more time to figure out how to get your data to answer your questions. If only you could find somebody with all the skills and let them do the work.

Wouldn’t the most efficient solution to your problem be to let somebody with ALL the right skills build what you need for you? Somebody that understands your field and knows where you’re coming from and can communicate with you?

Building a bespoke solution to your data problems with data science and artificial intelligence is difficult. To do it properly and build a solution worth having, you need to have a team of people with many different skills to do it for you.

We are that team!

​Knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in abundance.

Chi-Squared Innovations helped turn our ideas into reality.

​Stephen Wilson

​Managing Director

We're here to help

Let's face it, data is difficult to work with. It's messy and it can take forever to get answers out of it that you can trust.

We can handle the statistics, the programming, the artificial intelligence and we have expertise in scientific and business fields, so come and talk to us.

Whatever your data problem it's very likely we can find the right solution for you, whether your issues are:

  • Data entry
  • Database programming
  • Data extraction
  • Data analysis
  • Statistics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ​​​Data Visualisation

​We deal with problem data every day of the week and we know how to help you get the solutions you seek.

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations



​Chi-Squared Innovations

​Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? 
Then why not refer them to us - you could receive a substantial referral commission!

Who are we?

We are Chi-Squared Innovations, and we are pioneers in creating innovative intelligent software solutions to automate the analytical processes that would otherwise take 6, 12 or 18 months by manual means, allowing you to reach the ‘story’ of your dataset with one click, in just a few minutes.

We are data scientists. We are physicists, bioinformaticians and image analysts. We are experts in statistics, modelling and artificial intelligence.

But most of all, we are people. We are warm, friendly and easy to work with.

We speak your scientific and business language, so come and talk to us - you may be surprised at how approachable we are.

What do we do?

We are dedicated to creating easy to use intelligent software that gives you the answers you are seeking in the simplest, most efficient way possible. We innovate one click technology and visual solutions to minimise human errors and optimise intelligent interpretation, specialising in automating entire processes from first step to last.

We create systems that automatically clean and pre-process data, to select appropriate measures – including specialised statistical procedures, predictive systems and artificial intelligence – and give you the story of your data in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Why not check out our products CorrelViz and DataKleenr...

How do we do it?

There really is no ‘magic pixie dust’ in what we do. Creating automated analytical processes that are fast, simple to use and easy to interpret is merely attention to detailSo contact usWe’re listening...

Tell us your problems and concerns, tell us the difficulties you have with data. What would make your life easier?

You never know, between us we might just do something extraordinary!

Chi-Squared Innovations has been my go-to for every statistical, machine learning or data analysis task I needed for my research in the fields of e-Health and Computer Security. 
They command a wealth of experience and substantial ability to deliver on a variety of challenges, and they will always do it in a very professional yet friendly manner

​Dr Elias Ekonomou


​Edinburgh Napier University

Where do we deliver our services?

We are based in Dundee on the east coast of Scotland, and have worked with local, national and international partners and clients

We work tirelessly to offer the best solution for your needs, and provide the facility to have your solution implemented as:

  • ​private- or public-cloud Software-as-a-Service (great for real-time collaborative work)
  • ​installed on stand-alone laptops (perfect for field work)
  • ​integrated into your servers (best for top-secret projects)

How does the process work?

​The process starts by getting in touch. From there it's a pretty straightforward process:

  • 1
    ​You tell us what questions you want your data to answer
  • 2
    ​You show us your data
  • 3
    ​We audit your data
  • 4
    We propose a solution that will give you your answers
  • 5
    We shake hands
  • 6
    You get your answers

When is a good time for you?

​When is the best time to speak to us about your data?

  • ​When your project completion report is almost finished?
  • ​No – sooner
  • After you’ve done your analyses?
  • Sooner
  • Before you’ve done your analyses?
  • Nope – sooner
  • Before you’ve collected your data?
  • Better, but still sooner

The best time to talk to us is when you’re planning your projects:

  • ​We can advise on what data to collect and how to store it.
  • ​We can advise on how to maximise your efforts by optimising all elements of the data process.

Nevertheless, any time is a good time to talk to us.


If you have bespoke needs then let us know, we are experts and can help:

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