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All The Correlations in Your Data

​In Minutes, Not Months

​Save Time and Money

​CorrelViz is completely automated and gives you the Story of Your Data in minutes, with one click - saving you months of manual analysis and shed-loads of cash!

​Be More Productive

​Discovering - in minutes - all the correlations you seek allows you to Get in, Get it done, and Get out​, so you can ​spend ​more time on the ​important parts of your job.

Discover New Insights

​No more 'cherry-picking' just the analyses that you have time for. Analyse all your data, discover all the correlations you seek - and some you never even dreamed of...

No credit card required

​Your Data Cleaned Automatically

​Your data is cleaned as it is being uploaded, saving you time, effort and money

All Your Correlations Uncovered in Minutes

​CorrelViz leaves nothing to chance.
You want to know how all the variables relate​?
You got it!

Interactive Visualisation

​A dataset with 20 variables has 190 ​relationships.
Can you ​see the big picture in your mind?
Of course not!
That's why CorrelViz gives you an intuitive visualisation of the Story of Your Data.

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

"​As a medical statistician, each dataset used to take me months to analyse.
From data to report, I now turn projects around in half a day."



Chi-Squared Innovations

CorrelViz Logo

​All​ The Correlations in Your Data​​​
​In Minutes, Not Months

​Trusted by hundreds of users, businesses and universities around the globe
(in just the first 3 months since launch!).

Frequently Asked Questions

​How much time can ​CorrelViz save me?

​​So, can ​​CorrelViz save me money?

​​But ​​​CorrelViz is just for statisticians, right?

​​So is CorrelViz easy to use?

​Does CorrelViz really discover all the correlations?

​But I don't understand stats. Is that OK?

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