​​Premium Plans

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RRP £1200


Perfect for small datasets*

  • ​Annual Licence
  • ​Fully-featured
  • FREE for your small datasets*
  • Pay-As-You-Go for your non-small datasets**
  • ​Earn FREE credits by referring friends


RRP £1600


​Great for occasional use

  • All the free features, plus:
  • ​200 credits
  • ​50 additional credits FREE
  • ​Buy more credits when you need them
  • ​Your small datasets are still FREE*


RRP £4000


​Best for frequent use

  • All the free features, plus:
  • ​Also perfect for large datasets
  • ​No credits required
  • ​Pay no more for a whole year
  • ​Priority support
  • ​Your small datasets are still FREE*

*FREE For Your Small Datasets

Clean your dataset for FREE if ​it is up to 10 columns and 250 rows

**P​AYG For Your Larger Datasets

​Clean your data from only 10 credits per column - even on the Free Plan!

Top Up Your Credits Any Time

​​​Credits cost up to £1 per credit, just top up whenever you need ​more

Hot Tips

  • The Starter Plan is perfect for small datasets
  • The PAYG Plan is great for occasional or infrequent data cleaning
  • The Premium Plan is best for frequent use and larger datasets - one single payment and all your data cleaning needs are covered for a whole year!

Oh, yes, and don't forget - the first 100 credits of all analyses are completely FREE!

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations



​Chi-Squared Innovations

​​Whether your need is for occasional or frequent data cleaning, for small or large datasets, we have a plan to suit you.
If our plans are not what you're looking for, drop us a line - I'm sure we can create a plan that is just right for your needs.

Translates the Data You Have

Into the Data You Need

​Trusted by hundreds of users, businesses and universities around the globe
(in just the first 3 months since launch!).

​Frequently Asked Questions

​The Free and PAYG plans look the same. What's the difference?

​Why don't I get any DataKleenr Credits in the Premium Plan?

​Can you remind me again about the Pay-As-You-Go tariff?

​Got any more questions you'd like to ask?

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