Everything you ever wanted to know about statistics in one course

Statistics - The Big Picture

Statistics - The Big Picture


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or is it?

Does this sound familiar?

I need to analyse some data to get a p-value for my study.

Someone told me that I need to use a Student's t-test.

OK, that shouldn't be too difficult...

  • But what data should I collect?
  • How do I store it, and in what format?
  • Will I need to clean my data?
  • How do I prepare it for analysis?
  • Isn't Student's t-test a univariate analysis?
  • Don't I need to do a multivariate analysis too?
  • So what other variables should I analyse?
  • How do I interpret the results?

I'm confused - I don't know how to get started!

The truth is, there are a lot of parts to statistics, and unless you've done a degree in stats at Uni, you're unlikely to know how everything fits together

Statistics - The Big Picture

Exclusive Video Course

Learning the basic building blocks of statistics puts a powerful tool at your fingertips.

You'll discover that the 'Big Picture' of statistics - exclusive to The Hive - is easy to learn and is the basis for all of statistics.

Being able to plan a route through your next study from beginning to end - even before you start - will give you a great foundation that will help you take your data ninja skills to the next level.

What's Included

Did you know that there are only 7 broad topics of statistics?

And they're all included in Statistics - The Big Picture!

7 Parts of Statistics

In Statistics - The Big Picture I dive deep into all the nooks and crannies so that you know exactly where everything fits.

You will learn how to plan every step of your next study in detail even before you get started.

Statistics - The Big Picture


Highly detailed pdf of

Statistics - The Big Picture!

In Ultra HD!

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Statistics - The Big Picture is a work in progress

That's why you can get it right now for an amazing price!

As we add more content , the price will increase.

By enrolling now, you get access to all the course materials...

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Statistics - The Big Picture

Statistics - The Big Picture


Now up to 2/3 off !!!

Who is Statistics - The Big Picture for?

This course is for you if you want:

  • To know how everything in statistics fits together
  • A framework that helps you organise all your data processes
  • To learn how to plan your data analysis from beginning to end
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After I created the mind map of The Big Picture, my statistical decision-making improved no end - and yours will too.

If you’re truly interested in learning more about stats, this is an absolute must-see!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Lee Baker

Statistics - The Big Picture

Statistics - The Big Picture


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Statistics The Big Picture

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