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Statistics - The Big Picture

Plan Your Next Study With Confidence!

Have you ever wondered how everything in statistics fits together?

In this course you're going to discover that there are only 7 different parts of statistics, and we're going to dive deep into all of them!

Best of all, you'll learn how to plan every tiny detail of your study from beginning to end so you can see the big picture of your study - even before you've started!

If you're truly interested in making your next study bullet-proof, this course is absolutely unmissable!

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Over the years I’ve taught statistics to hundreds of people, and every one of them had 2 things in common:

  • they all said they didn’t understand statistics
  • they all had the light-bulb moment when they suddenly ‘got it’

But from time to time one of them would say ‘yeah, but that’s only one small part of stats – how does it fit into the bigger picture?’.

I wanted to point them to some resource and say ‘here you go, here it is, the bigger picture – this is how it all fits together’, but I never found such a resource.

So I decided that I was going to create it – and this exclusive course is the result!

It took me months, but I’ve researched all the little nooks and crannies of the statistics universe and I’ve created a mind map of what stats looks like when you pull it all together.

And it’s an absolute beauty!

You want to know where cluster analysis fits into the general scheme of things? What about random forests and artificial neural networks?

Do you know how time series analysis fits in? What about bootstrapping or Bayesian belief networks?

They’re all in here, and more, all in their correct place.

And there’s only one place in the universe that you can get this course – right here!


This course is a work in progress.

As a consequence of your feedback, the following curriculum may be subject to change...

...for the better!

5 of 7 parts now complete!

Your Curriculum

0. Introduction

An introduction to the 7 sections of statistics, and to this course.

Open Access


Introduction to 'Statistics - The Big Picture'

Introduction to the 7 Sections of Statistics

1. Probability

In this chapter you'll learn the fundamentals of probability - and you'll discover that it's not what you think!

Open Access

Free Plan


Introduction to Probability

Probability Theory

Probability Distributions

Expected Value

Variance & Covariance

Central Limit Theorem

Probability Recap

2. Experimental Design

The focus in this chapter is on the fundamentals of designing your own experiments.

Free Plan



Introduction to Design of Experiments





Sequential Design

3. Data Collection

In this chapter you'll learn everything you need to know about collecting data.



Introduction to data collection

Statistical surveys

Statistical sampling

Storage and processing

Data collection recap

4. Data Cleaning

The focus in this chapter is on the fundamentals of data cleaning - the most important part of any analysis!



Introduction to data cleaning

Data Types in Computing

Statistical Data Types

Quality Control
Data Conversion (ETL)
Data cleaning recap

5. Exploratory Data Analysis

In this chapter you'll learn about the different aspects of exploratory data analysis, and the most important bits that you need to know.



Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis

Descriptive statistics of numerical data

Descriptive statistics of categorical data

Data visualisation

Exploratory data analysis recap

6. Inferential Statistics

The focus in this chapter is on learning how to predict the future! Learning the basics of inferential statistics will give you this grounding.



More lessons coming soon!

7. Specialised Topics

Here's where you'll learn how and where all the specialised stats topics fit into the big picture.



More lessons coming soon!

8. Course Review

Finally, we will review the whole course to reinforce what we've learnt - and then celebrate the end of the course!



More lessons coming soon!

9. Discover Your Next Course

When you've done, you'll get my recommendations for your next steps and which courses you should be considering.



More lessons coming soon!

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How to analyse categorical survey data in Excel and in R
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