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9 Amazing Data Scientists to Follow on Twitter

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When it comes down to it, there’s no right or wrong way to use Twitter. Well, that’s debatable, but what is true is that Twitter is only as good as the people you follow. If you really want to get the best out of Twitter, it helps to follow the right people to stay informed on a variety of topics and interests – including Data Science!

Twitter gives you access to Data Scientists that were previously unreachable. Now you can chat directly with the Data Scientists you follow and speak directly to them.

I know it’s true, because I did it!

I reached out on Twitter to a bunch of influential, famous, and entertaining stats profs, data nerds, and published Data Science experts and asked them to contribute to a book I was working on. And you know what? These cool cats replied and did just that!

All of these guys Tweet regularly on a variety of topics, mostly data but funny stuff too, and I enjoy engaging with them on Twitter and other social media outlets.

I recommend you follow them and lighten up your feed too!

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Who Are They?

The creator of tidyquant and timetk and founder of Business Science.

What Do They Do?

A software developer and executive management professional with a background in engineering, sales and data science. Has successfully implemented cutting edge data science techniques in a variety of finance and marketing areas. Leads development efforts for products and services. Highly interested in time series problems, financial or otherwise.

What Can You Expect From Them?

Check out Matt’s free R Jumpstart Course, his course Business Analysis with R and Data Science For Business With R (they’re not the only courses – click through to check them all out!)

Who Are They?

Python and Data Science trainer and consultant.

What Do They Do?

Matt runs MetaSnake, a Python and Data Science consultancy and corporate training shop. In the past, he has worked across the domains of search, build management and testing, business intelligence and storage, and is an avid publisher of Python books.

What Can You Expect From Them?

If you’re looking to improve your Python skills, you can check out Matt’s online courses here:


And some of his books here; Machine Learning Pocket Reference: Working with Structured Data in Python, Learning the Pandas Library: Python Tools for Data Munging, Analysis, and Visualization and Pandas 1.x Cookbook.

9 Amazing Data Scientists To Follow On Twitter

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Who Are They?

Mine is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science in the School of Maths at University of Edinburgh, Associate Professor in the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University as well as a Professional Educator and Data Scientist at RStudio. Oh, yes, and she’s a Fellow of OpenIntro too. She’s a busy bee!

What Do They Do?

Mine’s work focuses on innovation in statistics pedagogy, with an emphasis on student-centered learning, computation, reproducible research, and open-source education. She is also very active in open access education, having co-authored three open-source statistics textbooks as part of the OpenIntro project.

What Can You Expect From Them?

If you want to learn or improve your R skills, you could a lot worse than follow the free course in Data Science in a Box. You should also check out Mine’s blog Citizen Statistician, about access to data and analysis tools.

Who Are They?

Executive Director of the Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute

What Do They Do?

Christian Guttmann has dedicated his career and life’s work to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In 2019, he was named Top 100 AI global leader in Artificial Intelligence. He founded and worked in several startups that use AI and natural language understanding in industries such as health care, finance, retail and music recommendation.

What Can You Expect From Them?

Follow Guttman’s Twitter feed (@ChrisXtg) for AI musings.

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Who Are They?

Principal Data Scientist at Brightloom and Data Science Consultant.

What Do They Do?

Jacqueline has over a decade of experience using data to help companies including DSW, Union Bank, Microsoft, and Airbnb. She has a PhD from Arizona State University where her research focused on electric vehicle route optimization. For fun she likes to use machine learning for humour.

What Can You Expect From Them?

Check out Jacqueline’s book Build a Career in Data Science, a great resource for people wanting to become Data Scientists or grow in the role.

Who Are They?

Chief Data Scientist / Founder CEO – Sociaall Inc.

What Do They Do?

Dez is a strategic leader in business and digital transformation with 25 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications industries developing strategies and implementing business initiatives. He has a breadth of expertise spanning technologies such as cloud computing, big data and analytics, cognitive computing, machine learning and the Internet of Things.

What Can You Expect From Them?

You can find Dez in many places across the web. He’s an avid podcaster, at Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/dez_blanchfield) and he has a digital TV channel at YouTube too (http://youtube.com/dez_blanchfield).

9 Amazing Data Scientists to follow on Twitter - #dataguru #statistician #datascientist @chi2innovations

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Who Are They?

President of KDnuggets.

What Do They Do?

Gregory edits and publishes KDnuggets, a leading blog on AI, Data Science and Machine Learning, helping Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers do their job better. KDnuggets also has a very popular twitter account @kdnuggets and a LinkedIn group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/54257/.

Gregory is a co-founder and past chair of KDD Conferences, a leading research conference on Data Science.

He has extensive consulting experience developing customer analytics models for some of the leading financial companies and telcos, and also worked on data analysis of medical, microarray, and proteomic data for several leading biotech and pharmaceutical firms.

What Can You Expect From Them?

Follow https://twitter.com/kdnuggets on twitter and follow Gregory on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/gpiatetsky/detail/recent-activity/shares/ for interesting opinions, useful tutorials, and more related to AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

Who Are They?

Data Strategist and Technologist

What Do They Do?

Jen is a Microsoft Data Platform Most Valuable Professional, founder of Data Relish, public speaker and blogger. She is a published author, writing two books on Tableau and R, and she is in the process of writing another on Microsoft Power BI.

What Can You Expect From Them?

As the sole owner of a boutique Data Science and Business Intelligence consultancy, Jen has delivered varied projects including organisations such as the NHS Trusts, whilst also spearheading a Data Science Program for a Government department.

Who Are They?

Astrophysicist and Principal Data Scientist at global technology and consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

What Do They Do?

Kirk provides thought leadership, mentoring, training, and consulting activities in data science, machine learning, and AI across multiple disciplines. He is an active contributor on social media, where he promotes data literacy for all and has been named consistently among the top worldwide social influencers in big data, data science, machine learning, and AI since 2013.

What Can You Expect From Them?

A list of all Kirk’s blogs and articles can be found at http://rocketdatascience.org/?p=1471, and you can see him all over Twitter.

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Apart from being active in Twitter (have you followed them all yet?), all these Data Scientists have written loads of books. Check them out at Amazon (big fat, hairy, scary affiliate links):

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When I reached out to data gurus, statisticians and Data Scientists on Twitter, I got loads of responses - too many, in fact, to list in this one post.

So I created a series of posts instead, and you can check them all out here:


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