October 14, 2020

The Best Data Science Courses Online

Some of the very best data science courses online can be found at Udemy.

Often taught by University Professors or the best and brightest in industry, you can get an online education at Udemy that is every bit as good as a University degree, and for a fraction of the price.

We have gathered together the best data science courses online at Udemy to save you the trouble of searching through the thousands that they offer (many of which, to be honest, are rubbish).

The best ones have great ratings, rave reviews and often tens of thousands of sales.

If you're looking for the best data science courses online, you could do a lot worse than check these out.


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Data Science Courses at Udemy

There's no doubt about it - Data Science is big news right now.

We see it on the news every day, the increasing number of news stories about Big Data, the Internet of ThingsDeep LearningArtificial Intelligence, smart cars, smart cities, smart politicians.

OK, maybe I went a bit too far with that last one...

There's also a great appetite for learning about Data Science too, and Udemy provides some of the best data science courses online.

Whether you're interested in learning about statistics, Artificial Neural Networks, Bayesian Belief Nets or any other area of Data Science, Udemy has got you covered.

Best Udemy Courses for Data Science

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(Some of) The Best Data Science Courses Online Are at Udemy

If you're looking for affordable courses, there is no better place to get them than at Udemy. Courses are usually advertised at prices up to £/$/Euro 200 but there are sales on pretty much every week and courses are then deeply discounted to around the £/$/Euro 10 mark - so take advantage and grab them while you can!

A quick reminder - once you've enrolled for a particular course, you get lifetime access to it, even when the course is updated.

The courses below are Udemy's top selling and top rated data science courses. They really are very popular and deserve the tag as some of the best data science courses online!

Best Data Science Courses Online - Summary

There are loads of Data Science courses at Udemy, not just the ones listed above. If none of these take your fancy, have a look around and I'm sure you'll find others that might just hit the spot. I also recommend taking a look at courses in Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning too.

Final word - when you've done any of these courses, please return and leave some feedback and a review in the comments below. If you loved the course, great - come and tell us. If you hated it, that's great too - leave a comment saying what you didn't like about it.

If you discover any better courses out there, let me know - I may write about it in another blog post!

Some of the Very Best Data Science Courses Online Are at Udemy #udemy #courses #datascience #machinelearning @chi2innovations

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Check out the Most Popular Data Science Courses at Udemy #datasciencelearning #datascience

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