21 Inspiring Books to Get Started in Data Science

​In this blog post we're going to introduce you to 21 of the most inspiring books to help you get started in Data Science.

These books are categorised by statistics, Machine Learning, R, Python, data visualisation and data ethics so that you can choose books from each category and you don't miss a thing!


​21 ​Inspiring Books to Get Started in Data Science @eelrekab @chi2innovations #datascience

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​Getting Started ​With Data Science

Want to be an expert statistician? Great - enjoy the next 10 years of hard work!

What about machine learning? Do you want to be an expert in that? Or what about programming or data visualisation? That'll be 10 years (or more) for each.

Whether you're trying to get started in Data Science or you're already on the path to becoming an expert you're going to need a strong grounding in all of these disciplines. It's safe to say that it's going to take you at least 20 years or more before you can consider yourself to be experienced, proficient and an authority in data science.

It can be daunting, especially if you're just getting started with Data Science.

You're going to have a lot of questions, including:

  • ​How do I get started in Data Science?
  • What subject should I start with?
  • What skills do I need in these subjects?
  • What is it like to be a data scientist?
  • What do I need to do to get a job in data science?
21 Inspiring Books to Get Started in Data Science

​My Book Recommendations to Help You Get Started in Data Science

Over the past few years I've been asked all of these questions, and I've always tried to steer the questioner in the right direction.

This has led me to discover a few Data Science books that can help, so I've decided to pull them together into one place for you to check out.

There are 7 categories of Data Science books that I recommend when you're just getting started with Data Science:

  • 1
    ​General Data Science Books
  • 2
    Statistics Books
  • 3
    Python Books
  • 4
    R Programming Books
  • 5
    Machine Learning Books
  • 6
    Data Visualisation Books
  • 7
    Data Ethics Books

I've selected my top 3 ​Data Science books in each of these categories, and while you would benefit from reading all of them, I suggest starting with one from each category. 

Ready to get started? Then let's head to the first Data Science books, where I introduce 3 easy-reading entertaining books that give you a great idea of what it's like to be a data scientist:

21 Inspiring books for Aspiring Data Scientists. Check them out! #datasciencebooks #datascientist #artificialintelligence Do you want to learn data science? Here's a series of must-read books for anybody wanting a career in data science. #datascience #ebooks #machinelearning
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