May 30, 2019

PJ Stats Video Series

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5 Productivity Tips for Efficient Data Cleansing

In this video I’ll give you my top 5 productivity tips for efficient data cleansing in Excel.

In fact, you can get these tips – and loads more – in my FREE video course Practical Data Cleaning, which you can get here:



In this video I’m going to bust wide open the terminology used to describe clinical trials.

In fact, you can get these tips – and loads more – in my video course Statistics – The Big Picture, which you can get here:



In this video I’m going to show you how to choose the correct statistical hypothesis test first time, every time by using the Hypothesis Wheel.

In fact, you can get a free ultra HD image of the Hypothesis Wheel – it’s yours to download and keep right here:



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Lee Baker is an award-winning software creator that lives behind a keyboard in a darkened room. Illuminated only by the light from his monitor, he aspires to finding the light switch. With decades of experience in science, statistics and artificial intelligence, he has a passion for telling stories with data, yet despite explaining it a dozen times, his mother still doesn’t understand what he does for a living. Insisting that data analysis is much simpler than we think it is, he creates friendly, easy-to-understand video courses that teach the fundamentals of data analysis and statistics. As the CEO of Chi-Squared Innovations, one day he’d like to retire to do something simpler, like crocodile wrestling.

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