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​Your Ninja ​Rank

​Ninja ​Ranks

​As you view blog posts and other pages on our site, you will be awarded Ninja Points.

​Similarly, for watching videos, commenting in the forums and taking courses and Masterclasses in The Hive​ you'll be awarded Ninja ​Points​.

Over time, as you get more experienced with data, these Ninja Points will add up and you will be awarded a Ninja Rank as a reward for your progress as a Data Ninja Warrior.

You will start your life as a Newbie Ninja, and when you accumulate 100 points you will graduate to be become a Rookie Ninja.

Get to 300 Ninja Points and you will be a ​Beginner Ninja, and so on.

There are ​11 ninja levels, and each will get progressively harder to achieve - just like in real life!

​Below is a list of all the Ninja ​Ranks available, listing what you need to achieve to rise through the ranks.

When ​a ​Ninja ​Rank is in full colour, then you have successfully ​reached it!

If you want to see who else has achieved these ranks, go ahead and click on the epaulet.

Good luck!

Ninja Ranks

Rookie Ninja

1 Requirement

  1. Earning 100 Ninja Points

Beginner Ninja

1 Requirement

  • Earning 300 Ninja Points

Ninja Apprentice

1 Requirement

  • Earning 600 Ninja Points

Intermediate Ninja

1 Requirement

  • Earning 1000 Ninja Points

Skillful Ninja

1 Requirement

  • Earning 1500 Ninja Points

Seasoned Ninja

1 Requirement

  • Earning 2100 Ninja Points

Senior Ninja

1 Requirement

  • Earning 2800 Ninja Points

Expert Ninja

1 Requirement

  • Earning 3600 Ninja Points

Ninja Warrior

1 Requirement

  • Earning 4500 Ninja Points

Master Ninja Warrior

1 Requirement

  • Earning 5500 Ninja Points
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