Chapter 01 - DataKleenr: Clean Your Data The Smart Way

Lesson 03 - Practice Session


Download the Excel file below, then take 10-20 minutes completing the exercises in DataKleenr.

Practicing in DataKleenr

Hot Tip

Data preparation isn't an academic exercise - you have to do it and practice it to gain experience.

Don't skip these exercises!

This is your chance to really take your data prep skills to the next level!

Exercise 1: Email Me To Claim Your DataKleenr Credits

If you haven't emailed me yet to claim your DataKleenr Credits, do it now - otherwise you'll forget!

*NOTE 1*

The code in the video for the DataKleenr Credits is no longer valid.

If you want to claim your DataKleenr Credits, use the following code instead:


*NOTE 2*

The offer of £300 of free DataKleenr Credits applies only to Premium (paid) plans of The Hive or if you have purchased the 14D2C2.

Free Hive Plans do not qualify - although there is still a DataKleenr Free Plan that you can use to clean your data! 

Exercise 2: Create Your FREE DataKleenr Licence

Go and get your FREE DataKleenr licence here:

Exercise 3: Clean The Downloaded Data Using DataKleenr

Log in and use DataKleenr to clean the dataset you downloaded.

All datasets smaller than 10 columns x 250 rows are free to clean in DataKleenr.

The dataset you downloaded is smaller than this, so it won't cost you anything to clean this datset.

Exercise 4: Clean Your Data Using DataKleenr

Upload one of your own datasets and clean it with DataKleenr.

To ensure you don't use any DataKleenr Credits, make sure your dataset is smaller than 10 columns x 250 rows.

If your dataset is larger than this, DataKleenr will tell you how many credits will be deducted after your dataset has been cleaned, but before you download it. If you don't download it, the credits will not be deducted.

Was DataKleenr easy to use?

Did it clean your data faster than other methods you've used before?

Was DataKleenr accurate?

Come and tell me what you think in the forum:

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