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​Random Variables Quiz - Test Your Knowledge

Random variables is one of those subjects that you gloss over when learning how to analyse your data because, well, it's just not sexy is it?

Maybe not, but it's important enough to spend just 5 minutes on it so that you understand the difference between a discrete random variable and a continuous random variable.

If you don't, you're at risk of making basic errors in your data analysis that would make your boss raise an eyebrow at you.

Trust me - you don't want that...

Random variables are actually pretty simple, and I'm going to prove it to you - after I've tested your knowledge with a short, fun ​random variables quiz.

​Get started here to test your knowledge in our random variables quiz:

Introduction to ​Random Variables

​For a while now I've been researching all the little nooks and crannies of the statistics world to create a big picture of what it looks like when you pull it all together.

And this is what the part about ​Random Variables looks like:

Random Variables - Do You Know What They Are?

So, how did you do in ​our ​random variables quiz?

  • ​Did you get all the correct answers?
  • ​Do you understand ​discrete random variables and all their properties?
  • ​Do you understand ​continuous random variables and all their properties?

​​Well, ​our interactive random variables quiz is actually one of the lessons in The Hive from our exclusive video course Statistics - The Big Picture, which is Open Access to start with (you don't need to register).

If you want to ​learn more about ​Random Variables and how ​they fit into the Big Picture of statistics, you can start from the beginning here:

​The 2 Critical Things You Need to Know About ​Random Variables

I'm not going to go into great depth right now, because that's what the video course is for, but here are the 2 critical things you ought to know about Random Variables that can make a HUGE difference when planning and preparing your study.

There are only 2 types of random variable, and they are:

  1. 1
    ​Discrete Random Variables
  2. 2
    ​Continuous Random Variables

​Discrete random variables are qualitative data, and are more commonly known as ​categorical variables, an example of which is Gender: [Male; Female].

​Continuous random variables are quantitative data, also known as continuous variables, an example of which is Distance, such as 1.23 metres or 5.78 miles.

Random Variables Quiz

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A Summary of ​Random Variables

When it all comes down to it, ​learning about random variables is really quick and easy.

And that's why most people don't take the time to understand the implications for their data.

But that's why they should take the time - because it's easy and won't take long.

​Getting the basics right will make sure you have the correct foundations in place and will likely lead to making better data choices.

On the other hand, you can save yourself 5 minutes.

After all, it's not going to make much difference either way, is it?

Are you sure?

Really sure?

Not understanding your variables - the building blocks of your data - can lead ​to having to redo loads of work later, and that could cost you days more work.

And all because you thought you could save 5 minutes...

Random Variables - Do you know the basics? Test your knowledge (Quiz) #probability #​statistics @chi2innovations @eelrekab

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Statistics - The Big Picture

I hope you enjoyed this ​quiz lesson.

It's actually one of the lessons in The Hive from our exclusive video course Statistics - The Big Picture, where I take you through all the nooks and crannies of the statistics world.

This course is Open Access to start with (you don't need to register), and after you've gone so far through you'll need a Free Plan to continue.

As part of the course you'll get an Ultra-HD pdf of Statistics - The Big Picture to download and keep, and I'll share with you where you can also get your own poster to pin on your wall.

If you want to continue learning, you can start from the beginning here:

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

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