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Introduction to The Hive

In this mini course you're going to learn what The Hive is and what it isn't! You'll also learn how to find your way around, understand why you need a Mission Statement and a Road Map.
You'll also learn that there are surprises for you to discover around every corner!

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If you’ve ever looked at data and didn’t know how to analyse them, didn’t know which statistical tests to use, didn’t understand what the tests were doing or didn’t know how to interpret the results correctly, then The Hive is for you.

In this course, we show you what The Hive is and what it isn't, show you how to find your way around and introduce a few important concepts that you'll need to know!

Here's what you'll learn:


you’ll learn what The Hive is and - just as importantly - what it isn't!


you’ll learn how to find your way around so you don't get lost, and know how to find where you left off


you'll learn exactly why you need a Mission Statement and a Road Map for each course


you’ll learn about just a few of the surprises that you'll find around every corner in The Hive!

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Introduction to The Hive

Getting started, and learning what The Hive is all about and - just as importantly - what it isn't about!

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How to analyse categorical survey data in Excel and in R
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