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Nobody likes cleaning data, but it's just something that you have to do, right?


In this course I’m going to show you how to bypass data cleaning altogether and introduce you to the only fully-automated data cleaning programme on the planet - DataKleenr - so you can get your entire dataset analysis-ready in a matter of seconds!

Yes, really - seconds!

You will learn how to get your data clean, fit-for-purpose and analysis-ready in just a few seconds - and with no manual manipulation of data.

If you ever thought that data cleaning was a pain in the butt, think again!

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This course is Part 5 of our 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge, where I’m going to teach you a method of data cleaning and preparation that I developed some years ago. It’s been tried and tested by hundreds of people, and it’s been tweaked along the way, improving it so that it’s always up-to-date and always works!

It will help you get your data clean and analysis-ready in minutes rather than weeks.

Yes, you read that correctly – minutes!

The 14D2C2 is a 14 day course that will take you through 1 hour of video lessons and practice sessions every day. In other words, with a 1 hour investment daily for 14 days you will become an expert in data collection, cleaning and preparation!

If you’re ready to take the 14D2C2, email me and I’ll send you the details to get started.

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Introduction to DataKleenr

An introduction to this course and to the 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge!

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DataKleenr - working smarter, not harder

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How to analyse categorical survey data in Excel and in R
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