How to Analyse Categorical Survey Data in Excel and in R


Course Description

In this course you’re going to learn how to analyse categorical survey data, first in Excel, and then you’re going to learn how to make the transition and analyse the same data in R.

Here's what you'll learn:


​you’ll learn how to recognise and work with the different forms of categorical data – by playing with the data, just like you did as a child when learning Lego!


​you’ll learn how to handle categorical data in Excel to prepare them for statistical analysis


​in Excel you’ll learn to use the ​correct statistical tests ​on your data – more importantly you’ll learn exactly what these tests are doing with your data, making correct interpretation of the results a doddle!


​you’ll learn exactly how to visualise your results in Excel so that your results make sense


​you’ll learn how to make the transformation from Excel to R, so that everything you’ve learned so far can be replicated in R

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

In this course you’ll learn about the fundamentals - of categorical data, ​the statistical tests​, ​of correct analysis ​and of correct interpretation.


Why? Because if you don’t have the fundamentals, then you’re building your house on quicksand. You’re sinking!

​​If you’ve ever looked at categorical survey data and didn’t know how to analyse them, didn’t know which statistical tests to use, didn’t understand what the tests were doing or didn’t know how to interpret the results correctly, then this course is for you.


In the end, you’ll have the knowledge, experience and strategies to be able to analyse your categorical survey data in both Excel and in R with confidence!

Content and Overview

Suitable for beginners​, in this course you’ll learn to ‘play’ with your data, testing, experimenting and learning what you can and – more importantly – can’t do with it.


​You’ll dive straight into the data, and there will be LOTS of playing and practising with data, and you’ll learn by doing.


Then you’ll finish each lesson with ​a quiz – by now you should ​know EXACTLY what the correct responses are, and answer with confidence!


With the fundamentals mastered in Excel, you’ll then learn to make the transition to R and gain confidence in knowing precisely how to do the same analyses in R as you learned in Excel.

​Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • ​The different types of categorical data, and what you can and can’t do with them
  • ​How to handle, manipulate and prepare categorical data in Excel and in R​
  • ​Pairwise analysis of categorical data in Excel and in R
  • An understanding of exactly what the statistical tests are doing
  • How to interpret your results correctly​
  • ​How to visualise the relationships in your data in Excel and in R


Students completing the course will have the knowledge and confidence to be able to analyse all types of categorical survey data in any circumstance.


Complete with HD videos, data, examples and practice exercises, you’ll be able to work alongside the instructor as you work through each concept, and will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.


Oh, yes – and there are lots of little surprises for you along the way!


​If you're still undecided as to whether this course is right for you, leave your questions in the comments below - I'll answer them as soon as I can!

Course Content

Time: 3 hours
  • Introduction  0/0

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  • Section 1: Understanding Categorical Data  0/0

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  • Section 2: Handling Categorical Data in Excel  0/0

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  • Section 3: Pairwise Analysis of Categorical Data in Excel  0/0

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  • Section 4: Visualising Relationships in Excel  0/0

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  • Section 5: Handling Categorical Data in R  0/0

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  • Section 6: Pairwise Analysis of Categorical Data in R  0/0

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  • Section 7: Visualising Relationships in R  0/0

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  • Recap  0/0

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