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We help scientists and businesses
analyse, visualise and model
their data

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

“The amount of data that currently exists doubles every 18 months. It's an incredible time to be working with data. We're at the beginning of the Data Revolution, which will be as profound for mankind as was the Industrial Revolution.

Check out our products and services and see how we're making a difference...”

Chi-Squared Innovations

Automated Analytical Software

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The Story of Your Data
in Minutes, not Months

Discover and visualise all the correlations in your data in the time it takes to drink your morning latte

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Translates the Data You Have into the Data You Need

Fast, simple, accurate.
Prepare your data for analysis automatically and in minutes

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Specialists in Automating Data and Statistical Processes

Need to automate your analysis, visualisations or predictive systems? Come and talk to us - we're listening

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