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What is The Hive?

​Your Online Learning Portal
  • ​Data Analysis
  • ​Statistics
  • ​Machine Learning
​What You Get
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​In The Hive, we focus on application, real use case with real data, storytelling, and good and bad practice.

You learn to understand the data, what you can and cannot do with it, the analytical methods leading to the results and how to interpret the results correctly.

There are short and long courses and lessons for all levels. Written and recorded in jargon-free bite-size chunks, it's perfect for popping in and out whenever you have a spare 5 minutes!

A year in The Hive is worth $600 - over an estimated 30 years of free access, this giveaway is worth a stunning $18,000 to ​each lucky winner!

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Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

All the stuff you can't get anywhere else.

It's like having your own personal Data Science teacher right there in the room with you!

Lee Baker

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