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...so you should treat your data with respect...

Do any of these sound familiar?

My boss needs me to collect and analyse some data - and I only have 2 weeks to do it

2 weeks later I've collected my data...

...but I've only just started cleaning it...

...and I haven't even started the analyses yet!

  • My data has errors - lots of them!
  • There are typos in the text data
  • The numerical data have errors
  • The stats program won't allow text
  • My data aren't fit-for-purpose
  • And my boss is unhappy

I'm stressed - where did it all go wrong?

The truth is, data analysts and statisticians spend up to 80% of their time cleaning and preparing data - as much as 2 weeks per dataset

You time it with a calendar, not a stopwatch...

...but not any more!


Dirty Data Dojo:

The 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge

Unique Video Course

6 Video Courses

14 Days

1 Hour Per Day

Step-by-Step Instructions

Interactive Lessons

Practice Sessions

Learning how to collect, clean, prepare and validate your data effectively and efficiently puts a powerful tool at your fingertips.

You'll discover that most of your data handling operations can be automated - meaning that you can have an analysis-ready dataset in minutes rather than weeks or months!

In the 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge you will learn everything you need to know to handle data correctly, minimising errors and maximising your valuable time.

In the time it takes to clean just one dataset you'll learn how to clean every dataset in minutes, not weeks.

I would have literally killed to get a hold of this a few years ago...

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

Lee Baker


Chi-Squared Innovations

What's Included

The 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge (or 14D2C2 for short) is a 6 course bundle.

You'll learn everything you need from data collection to analysis-ready data - and everything in-between

Here's what you'll get:

Dirty Data Dojo - Data Collection
  • import data into Excel
  • record data on paper
  • enter data manually
Dirty Data Dojo - Data Cleaning
  • remove unwanted spaces
  • clean text data
  • clean numerical data
Dirty Data Dojo - Data Preparation
  • make data calculations
  • code and transform your data
  • understand data types and classes
Dirty Data Dojo - Data Validation
  • prepare your data for analysis
  • check that your data are sensible
  • remove outliers
Dirty Data Dojo - DataKleenr
  • automate all your data cleaning
  • remove outliers with one click
  • use the fastest data cleaning program on the planet!
Dirty Data Dojo - Grand Project
  • build data cleaning strategies
  • perform every step in the correct order
  • be a data ninja master

What You'll Learn

Did you know that there are only 2 broad types of data you need to consider?

Once you've learnt to handle numerical data and text data, you're all done.

Then you can get right on to your analyses...

In 14 days you will learn how to:

  • Collect data effectively and efficiently - without introducing unnecessary errors
  • Identify errors & typos automatically - saving HUGE amounts of time
  • Prepare your data, making sure all your data are in the correct format
  • Validate your data, ensuring they are fit-for-purpose and analysis-ready
  • Supercharge ALL the data cleaning processes to get analysis-ready data in minutes!
  • Do everything in the correct order to minimise time wastage

Better still, you'll learn to do all these in Excel AND in your choice of Python or R!

How It Works...

When you sign up, you get:

  • 14 emails in 14 days - one per day
  • Each email details your task list for the day
  • Each day you will get video lessons and practice sessions

It should take you around an hour every day to complete your tasks

At the end you will be a Jedi Master at data collection, cleaning and preparation

Special Offer!

The 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge is a data handling method that has been carefully honed and improved over several years.

And it's still improving - for the first time it now includes Python and R!

Right now you can get lifetime access for an amazing price!

Lock in this price with one single payment

With nothing more to pay


Who Is The 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge For?

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to handle your data correctly so you know it's right
  • Learn how to transition to data handling in Python or R
  • Get your analysis report to your boss in double-quick time!

I'm all about telling stories with data, but dirty data was always a barrier to getting there.

That's why I created this method and this course - so you can learn from my mistakes and get there sooner.

If you really want to fast forward to the sexier parts of your job - in minutes rather than weeks or months - the 14D2C2 is an absolute must-see!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Lee Baker

Dirty Data Dojo - 14D2C2

14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge


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