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​14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge

​Are You Ready For It?

​Data Cleaning Is a Waste of Time!

​Correcting errors and mistakes in your data:

  • ​can be a painful process
  • delays getting your results
  • stops you from doing the most important parts of your job

​If only the data had been collected correctly in the first place...


​And bless him - your boss won't understand.

He thinks that all you need to do is click a few buttons in Excel and it's done.

Even a monkey can do that.




​That's how long it typically takes to clean and prepare a small dataset

​You ​time it with a calendar, not a stopwatch!

Instead, Take The 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge

​6 Video Courses

​14 Days

​1 Hour per Day

​Step-by-Step Instructions

​Interactive Lessons

​Practice Sessions

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

​Lee Baker


Chi-Squared Innovations

​In the time it takes to clean just one dataset you'll learn how to clean ​every​ dataset in minutes, not weeks.

I would have literally ​killed​ to get a hold of this a few years ago...​​​​​​

Course 1:


Learn how to:

  • ​import data into Excel
  • ​record data on paper
  • ​enter data manually

Course 2:​


Learn how to:

  • ​remove unwanted spaces
  • ​clean text data
  • ​clean numerical data

Course 3:​


Learn how to:

  • ​make data calculations
  • ​code and transform your data
  • ​understand data types and classes

Course 4:​


Learn how to:

  • ​prepare your data for analysis
  • ​check that your data are sensible
  • ​remove outliers

Course 5:​


Learn how to:

  • ​automate all your data cleaning
  • ​remove outliers with one click
  • ​use the fastest data cleaning program on the planet!

Course 6:​


Learn how to:

  • ​build data cleaning strategies
  • ​perform every step in the correct order
  • ​be a data ninja master (and be the envy of your colleagues)

In 14 days you will learn to:

  • ​Collect data efficiently
  • ​Identify errors & typos automatically
  • ​Prepare your data for analysis effortlessly
  • ​Find errors ​expertly
  • ​Automate your data cleaning
  • ​Quickly identify & remove outliers

How It Works...

When you sign up, you get:

  • ​14 emails in 14 days - one per day
  • ​Each email details your task list for the day
  • ​Each day you will get video lessons and practice sessions

It should take you around an hour every day to complete your tasks

At the end you will be a Jedi Master at data collection, cleaning and preparation

Ready To Go?

14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge 14 Day Data Cleaning Challenge
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