CAN BE Difficult

But They Don't Have To Be...

​You know that your report can be ​soooo​ much better, but you just can't get your head around the analyses​​​

​Your boss isn't much help either, ​expecting you to solve ​in a few clicks​ data analysis​​​ problems that he's ​never heard of before

Your next promotion is slipping through your fingers...

So you search online to try to find out how to do your analyses. No luck - there's a lot of misinformation out there.

Well YouTube then - there are some great videos on YouTube, aren't there?

Sure, but when you've finished wading through all the lengthy intros telling you to 'subscribe to my channel', and 'buy my wonderful new course' you realise that you've just wasted several hours.

And then there's all those funny cat videos...

​OK, so you give up on that and buy a course at Udemy. After all, it's only $10 and it'll save you wasting more time.

Only, it doesn't solve the problem you have. It's too basic/advanced/vague.

So you buy another course for another $10. The ​resolution is so bad you can't read the text, and the audio is truly awful. Can't watch this rubbish!

Your report is now overdue and ​your promotion is ​on life support...

Introducing... The Hive

The Hive is our online video platform where we teach Statistics and Machine Learning.

In The Hive you can learn at your own pace from exclusive, interactive video courses.

With our courses you get ALL the information you need, in a language you can understand. Plus if you have questions, you can get in touch and ask.

But the main reason why The Hive is different is this: we don't just create video courses and hope that you'll like them.

We ask you what you want, and then we create them!

Every course in The Hive is unique. You won't find them anywhere else!

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​For only $3 per week !!!

How many cappuccinos can you get for ​that?

​Answer: just one

(but ​you don't get a biscuit!)

Who is ​The Hive for?

The Hive is for you if you want:

  • ​Exclusive content ​​​​​​​​(they're not in Udemy!)​
  • ​Statistics and data science at your ​pace
  • ​Courses that are easy to understand
  • ​​​To progress ​from beginner to expert
  • ​A variety of short and long courses
  • ​Access to practice examples

On ​The Hive

​All the stuff you can't get anywhere else.

It's like having your own personal Data Science teacher right there in the room with you!

​Lee Baker

Here are some of our courses

Statistics the big picture

Ever wondered how everything in statistics fits together?

I’ve researched all the little nooks and crannies of the statistics universe and I’ve created a hi-def chart of what stats looks like when you pull it all together - and a video course to accompany it.

And there’s only one place on the planet that you can get this exclusive course – in The Hive!

Data Cleaning for analysts and researchers

​A series of courses dedicated to cleaning and preparing your data for analysis, enabling you to get your data analysis-ready in ​minutes, not weeks!

Over 9 hours of in-depth instructional videos​, and ​all the code in Excel workbooks to turbo-charge your data preparation.

You won't find in-depth video courses on data cleaning anywhere else - we're the only ones doing them!

Errors of predictive models

​In this course I show you all of the most used measures in predictive models and teach you exactly when - and when not - to use them.

​I teach you how to calculate each of them – and give you ​​Excel workbooks with the full calculations in them so you can use them with your own data.

If you’re truly interested in measuring the effectiveness of your models, don’t miss this course!

Machine Learning the big picture

​You asked for it, so I'm going to give it to you!

After the success of Statistics The Big Picture I was inundated with emails asking me to do the same for Machine Learning.

So here it is. A work-in-progress, this course will be launching soon!

​Absolutely Exclusive to The Hive!


​Exclusive video courses are not the only things you can get in The Hive

​Here are 3 bonuses for you:


​Free Book

​As a gift for joining The Hive, you get the ​book Associations and Correlations completely FREE.

This book will be published with a well-known publisher very soon and may no longer be available.

Get it while you can!


​Excel Workbooks

​All courses include fully-worked Excel workbooks, so you can apply what you've learnt on your data.

Better still, wherever possible, the analyses have been automated, so ​the story of your data is as simple as copy/paste!


Members Area

​Included with your membership is ​access to our members area, where you'll find all ​our exclusive non-course content, such as first access to new books, and hints and tips to help super-charge your path to becoming a data ninja!

​My mission is to unleash your inner data ninja!

Hi, I'm Lee Baker

​Here's why I created The Hive

After completing my PhD in Machine Learning I ​worked as a consultant statistician in one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe, and during ​those 7 years I taught statistics to hundreds of students and medical researchers.

Although I have been a Statistician and Data Scientist for the best part of 20 years, ​I don't ​feel​ like an expert, but I do understand data and how to ​​reach the story ​captured ​inside.

​And just like you I'm still learning. There are ​parts ​that I struggle with even after 20 years, and that puts me in a great position to teach - I understand why you're having difficulties!

Despite all that, I think that statistics and machine learning are easier than ​people think​ - and The Hive is where I get to prove it!



  • Statistics - The Big Picture, what the statistics universe looks like and fits together + hi-def printable graphic ($299 value)
  • Machine Learning - The Big Picture (coming soon), what the ​machine learning universe looks like and fits together + hi-def printable graphic ($299 value)
  • Data Cleaning for Analysts and Researchers (6 course bundle), how to get your data clean and analysis-ready in minutes, not months (£399 value)
  • Errors of Predictive Models, how to measure the effectiveness of classification and regression models - the right way! ($199 value)
  • FREE BONUS #1: Associations & Correlations (ebook), ​a holistic strategy to discovering the story of your data ($40 value)
  • FREE BONUS #2: Fully-worked Excel workbooks for all the courses - it's like having your own statistician right there in the room with you! ($199 value)
  • FREE BONUS #3: Members area - access to all exclusive content ($99 value)

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It's ​Risk Free

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

​We are proud to offer a 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee.

We don't like being hassled when we want our money back, and we extend that same courtesy to you.

Subscriptions can be refunded in full any time during the first 30 days of your subscription*. After the 30 day period you will not be able to get a full refund, but you may cancel the subscription any time you like.

*If any member exceeds 10% of total progress or ​logs in several times and follows the majority of ​any premium course, we reserve the right to refuse refund.

​Frequently Asked Questions


Will the price increase after I've subscribed?

Yes it will - but not for you

The price that you commit to is fixed and will never change as long as you remain subscribed.


What if I decide to cancel?

​That would make us sad - but you're absolutely free to cancel your subscription at any time.

No exit fees, no hassle, no problem - you go with our best wishes!

Just email me and I will cancel your subscription.


What happens to my ​account when you close membership to new applicants?

​Absolutely nothing!

As long as you remain subscribed, your membership will remain current and valid. From time to time we may restrict access to new memberships, but your membership WILL NOT BE AFFECTED.


I'm a beginner in Stats/Machine Learning/Data Science. Are there any courses for me?


Most of the courses are designed with the beginner in mind, and are great for the improver too. We don't yet have any courses for experts, but we create courses to order, so get in touch and tell me what you want - if there are enough requests for a particular course I will create it!


Are there any courses on data analysis in Healthcare/Business Intelligence/Marketing?

​We try to create courses that are useful for everybody. We might not create courses specifically for ​your sector, but rest assured that the knowledge and experience that you gain from our courses WILL be applicable in ​your chosen area of research - and in every other field too.


I program in R/Python. Are there any Statistics or Machine Learning courses for me?


And no.

We don't create courses specifically for certain programming languages, but wherever possible we ​try to find routines in R and Python to suit specific circumstances within our courses so that you get all the tools you need to apply the things that you've learnt.


RRP: $60

​Monthly ​Price: $20


$10 for first 3 payments

​($20 per month thereafter)

That's ​​just $3 per week !!!


RRP: $600

Annual ​Price: $200


$150 for first year

($200 per year thereafter)

That's ​​just $3 per week !!!

​The Hive is something that I am very proud of.

​I sincerely hope that you find my courses to be very valuable in helping you ​take your ​data ninja skills to the next level so you can secure that next promotion!

I look forward to seeing you on ​the inside!

​Lee Baker

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