Statistics - The Big Picture

Statistics The Big Picture

Have you ever wondered how everything in statistics fits together?

In this pdf you're going to discover that there are only 7 different parts of statistics, and we're going to dive deep into all of them!

Best of all, you'll learn how to plan every tiny detail of your study from beginning to end so you can see the big picture of your study - even before you've started!


There is a HUGE amount of information in Statistics - The Big Picture, so to help you digest it in smaller, bite-sized chunks we've also created pdfs of each of the parts - and you'll get all of these too:

  • Probability - The Big Picture
  • Data Collection - The Big Picture
  • Data Cleaning - The Big Picture
  • Exploratory Data Analysis - The Big Picture
  • Hypothesis Testing - The Big Picture
  • Inferential Statistics - The Big Picture
  • Specialised Statistics Topics - The Big Picture
Bonus Files SBP

Here's What You'll Learn

Bonus Files SBP2
  1. you’ll learn how everything in statistics fits together
  2. you’ll learn how to improve your statistical decision making
  3. you’ll learn to understand all branches of statistics and how they relate to each other
  4. you’ll learn how to apply the correct order of statistics to your data
Statistics - The Big Picture
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