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Discover how to clean your data quickly and effectively

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Data is messy and cleaning it can be difficult, time-consuming and costly–but it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you're organised and follow a few simple rules your data cleaning processes can be simple, fast and effective.

Practical Data Cleaning explains the 19 most important tips about data cleaning to get your data analysis-ready in double quick time.

Why should you care what I say?

I have worked with data for most of my adult life. I have worked with data from the Visible Human Project, the Human Genome Project, a major European Soil Database, Medical Imaging Data, and loads and loads of Data from Clinical Studies Research.

I now help other scientists and business analysts just like you get the story of their data quickly and easily.

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations
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“​My Mission Is To Unleash Your Inner Data Ninja”

​Lee Baker

Practical Data Cleaning ed5 Cover Front

Practical Data Cleaning

Learn how to clean your data efficiently and stop wasting your time.

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