Statistical Hypothesis Testing – Spinning The Wheel



In this course I’m going to show you how to choose the correct statistical hypothesis test first time, every time by using the Hypothesis Wheel.


Inside the course you’ll be able to get your very own ultra HD copy of the Hypothesis Wheel, absolutely FREE.


Build a strong foundation in statistical hypothesis testing with this video course for beginners – and the more experienced too!

​Here's What You'll Learn

​1: ​4-Step Strategy

First, you’ll learn a 4-step strategy so that you know exactly the right questions to ask of your data

​2: ​Questions to Ask

Second, you’ll learn precisely what those questions are so you get the answers you need

​3: ​Answers to Seek

Finally, I explain how to take these answers to the Hypothesis Wheel to find the answers you seek

In the end, you’ll learn that choosing the correct hypothesis test is not so scary after all!

Choosing the correct hypothesis test is a powerful skill at your fingertips that will make you the envy of your colleagues!


Learning the fundamentals of hypothesis testing puts a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. The Hypothesis Wheel is free, easy to learn and is the basis for all of hypothesis testing.


Being able to choose the correct statistical hypothesis test every time will give you a great foundation that will help you take your data ninja skills to the next level.

​Content and Overview

​Suitable for beginners to hypothesis testing, in this course you’ll learn about the basic concepts and tools that you will need to establish a strong understanding of the concepts behind hypothesis testing.


Each lesson ends with exercises, putting your new learned skills into practice immediately.


Starting with the Hypothesis Wheel, this course will take you through all the steps you will need to gather all the required information from your data. By walking through the segments of the Hypothesis Wheel you will gain a strong understanding of precisely which questions you need to ask of your data, and how to get the answers you seek.


With these basics mastered, the course will take you through every section of the Hypothesis Wheel so that you understand exactly why ​your choice of hypothesis test ​is the correct one.


Students completing the course will have the knowledge and confidence to be able to select the correct hypothesis test to use in any circumstance.


Complete with HD images, examples and practice exercises, you’ll be able to work alongside the instructor as you work through each concept, and will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.


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Lee Baker is an award-winning software creator that lives behind a keyboard in a darkened room. Illuminated only by the light from his monitor, he aspires to finding the light switch. With decades of experience in science, statistics and artificial intelligence, he has a passion for telling stories with data, yet despite explaining it a dozen times, his mother still doesn’t understand what he does for a living. Insisting that data analysis is much simpler than we think it is, he creates friendly, easy-to-understand video courses that teach the fundamentals of data analysis and statistics. As the CEO of Chi-Squared Innovations, one day he’d like to retire to do something simpler, like crocodile wrestling.



  • 100 minutes on-demand videos + practice exercises
  • Language: English
  • Certificate of Completion
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