Data Cleaning Bootcamp for Analysts and Researchers – Sample


Course Description

Data cleaning is not for the faint at heart.

It’s a serious business, because if you can’t get every data point perfectly clean you’re likely to run into big problems when you try to analyse your dataset.

In this course you’ll learn how to clean your data and get it analysis-ready in a fraction of the time. I’ll introduce you to a method that took me several years to perfect, but if you follow these steps you’ll become much more productive, get your results faster and make your boss happy in the process.

The steps you’ll learn in this course are very simple to follow, but are extremely effective, so you’ll know that you’re getting the best start possible, saving you weeks of misery!


At the end of this course you will receive a certificate of completion. Post it to Facebook, your LinkedIn page or print it out and stick it on your wall. Just don’t throw darts at it, ok…

Learning Outcomes

  • Over 3 hours of video content!
  • Learn how to set up a data workbook for maximum effectiveness
  • Learn how to remove all unwanted spaces from your entire dataset – in one step!
  • Learn how to clean text data
  • Learn how to clean numerical data
  • Learn the strategy of which steps to perform – in the correct order
  • Excel is used as a learning tool, but the lessons learned are transferable to other media
  • Data files are provided for the student to practice with
  • Practical learning experience with real data

Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons Time: 180 minutes




  • Over 3 hours on-demand video
  • Language: English
  • Certificate of Completion