Free Data Science eBooks – September 2017

Now that the summer holidays are out of the way it's time to bring you some free resources to help you get Back To School, so here are three free eBooks to help you on your educational journey.


I hope these books prove to be a valuable resource to you and that you will visit regularly (and invite your friends too).

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3 Free Data Science Ebooks for September

This month, we have D3 Tips and Tricks v4.xConversations On Data Science and A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments. They're all FREE, so help yourselves.


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D3 Tips and Tricks v4.x

by Malcolm MacLean

D3.JS Tips and tricks v4

D3.js can help you make data beautiful.

D3 Tips and Tricks is a book written to help those who may be unfamiliar with JavaScript or web page creation get started turning information into visualization.

Data is the new medium of choice for telling a story or presenting compelling information on the Internet and d3.js is an extraordinary framework for presentation of data on a web page.

This book is not for experts. It's put together as a guide to get you started if you're unsure what d3.js can do. It reads more like a story as it leads the reader through the basics of line graphs and on to discover animation, tooltips, tables, interfacing with MySQL databases via PHP, Sankey diagrams, force diagrams, maps and more...

Conversations On Data Science

by Roger D. Peng and Hilary Parker

Conversations on Data Science

What is life like as a data scientist? In academia? In industry? What is the role of automation in data science? What is evidence-based data analysis? And what is RCatLadies?

These questions, and more, are discussed in Conversations on Data Science by Roger Peng and Hilary Parker, co-hosts of the popular Not So Standard Deviations podcast. This book collects many of their discussions from the podcast and distills them into a readable format. The conversational style of Roger and Hilary gives readers a behind-the-scenes look into how data science is done in real life. As new episodes of the podcast are created, this book is updated to add new topics of discussion. Readers of the book are entitled to free updates in the future as the book evolves.

Versions are available in PDF, ePub, and MOBI, and the book can be read through the Leanpub App.

A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments

by Gary W Oehlert

Design and analysis of experiments

This text, for students needing to prepare and analyze experimental data, gives a balanced presentation of the design and analysis of experiments, teaching students when to use various designs, how to analyze the results, and how to recognize design options. The book is also fully oriented towards the use of statistical software in analyzing experiments, and the companion web site offers data sets for most of the exercises in the text.

Check out these three free Data Science Ebooks for September. #statistics #datascience #dataviz
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