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Free Data Science eBooks – May 2021

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Looking for FREE Data Science books? Then you're in the right place.

Every month we feature 3 of the best free books on a variety of Data Science topics, from programming in R and Python to Statistics, Machine Learning and lots more.

These free books might be time limited (or not), and you'll find them in a variety of formats, from both top-tier publishers and self-published authors.

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This month we highlight these 3 books:

  • Graph Databases
  • Data Badass
  • The Little MongoDB Book

They're all FREE, so help yourselves...


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Free Data Science Ebooks for May 2021

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Graph Databases

Ian Robinson, Jim Webber and Emil Eifrem

Graph Databases discusses the problems that are well aligned with graph databases, with examples drawn from practical, real-world use cases.

This book also looks at the ecosystem of complementary technologies, highlighting what differentiates graph databases from other database technologies, both relational and NoSQL.

Topics include:

Options for storing connected data.

> Data modelings with graphs.

> Building a graph database application.

> Predictive analysis with graph databases.

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Data Badass

Kieran Keene

Understand the core concepts of data science without all the heavy math!

This book gives you a good grounding in machine learning model development, testing & enhancement without getting bogged down in the math & the code to do so.

Get familiar with the tools and platforms we use to deliver machine learning models in the real world.

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The Little MongoDB Book

Karl Seguin

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database, easily scalable and high performance.

It retains some similarities with relational databases which, in my opinion, makes it a great choice for anyone who is approaching the NoSQL world.

The Little Book was written precisely for this type of player, but certainly satisfy even the expert who wants to learn more about MongoDB.

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Below are a few related Udemy courses that we recommend. They are by no means the only ones - there are LOADS more, and if these don't tickle your fancy, just click through. I'm sure you'll find something that does.

*NOTE - the prices listed below are the full price, and are not automatically updated when a sale is on. If you want to find out the sale price (often around 10 £/$/Euro), just click through!


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Free Data Science eBooks – May 2021

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