March 19

COVID-19 data – Where can we get it and what are the facts?

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Coronavirus has spread across the world like some kind of apocalyptic zombie plague from the movies. I don't wish to make light of it, but it feels so unreal. What we need are ​COVID-19 data and verifiable facts, and maybe then we can all start to get some real-world perspective about how to deal with the huge changes in our lives.


Political Self-Interest

​Unfortunately, we live in a world where political self-interest is more important to some world leaders than doing the right thing and saving the lives of their fellow human beings (there are at least 4 leaders of the First World that immediately spring to mind - see if you can guess who they are...).

We seem to get more misinformation than facts, like gargling with bleach, inhaling hot air from a hair dryer, or singing 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' while standing on one foot and drinking water up your nose via a straw.

Yes, I made that last one up, and, no, please don't do any of these. None will help and some will harm - they're all completely made up!

COVID-19 Data and Facts

So what can we do as data scientists and analysts?

Well, for a start, we can do what we do best - we can source the data, do some analysis and determine ​the facts.

​In the words of W Edwards Deming “In God we trust, all others must bring data!”.

​COVID-19 – Where are the data and verifiable facts? #​COVID-19 #​datascience #​stats @eelrekab @chi2innovations

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COVID-19 Data Forum

So to help in the quest for data and facts, I have opened a COVID-19 data forum where we can discuss and share information about data and analysis, so we can find answers to questions such as:

  • ​What data do we have about ​COVID-19?
  • Where can we find reliable and trustworthy COVID-19 data?
  • What analysis has been done or is being done?
  • Who is doing the research?
  • Who is analysing the data?
  • What are the results?
  • Where are they being published?
  • What misinformation can we debunk?

​Register to Get Access to the Forum

The forum is open to all, but to make sure we're not spammed to high heaven by opportunists​ you must be registered ​to be granted access.

That's easy to do.

All you need to do is ​take up any of our Hive membership plans - including The Free Plan.

This will take just a few seconds and you will get immediate access.

You will also be subscribed to our newsletter, but you can immediately unsubscribe from that if you don't want it.​

And before anybody says it - no, this is not blatant self-publicising. I am genuinely trying to help data scientists cut through the noise and get to the real facts.

Because if we don't do it, who else will?

​To get immediate access to the forum you need to register. You can do that here:

Just select The Free Plan and follow the instructions. You'll be done in just a few seconds and will have instant access.

​The Forum

​Once you've registered, you can get directly to the forum here:

Just select The Free Plan and follow the instructions. You'll be done in just a few seconds and will have instant access.

So do you have any information about ​COVID-19 data?

​If we all pull together to make this forum a place of data and verifiable facts (opinion and casual observation can stay at the door), we might just be able to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19.​

COVID-19 Data - Where can we get it and what are the facts?


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His mission is to help you discover your inner Data Ninja!

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